A few days back, as I was waiting at a traffic light in Southall, I looked around my surroundings and noticed that the crowd of people rushing to and from were all stopped at these lights. Within this short time period, I realized even while we were stopped, we looked as if we were moving; our minds were rushing and roaming from one subject to another. You can tell from the worried look on one person to a frantic expression on another. Amidst all this rush, I, myself, missed out on the beautiful accordion tune played by a homeless man. No one stopped to appreciate the beauty–except one little boy no older than 2 years. The manner in which he looked as the man played and the curiosity with which his eyes were fixed on the accordion was so touching. It was an eye opener. Now whenever I pass by this old man and if I’m stopped at the lights, I don’t stop and look worried or confused about my problems. Instead, I stand there and look straight at the man and I take in the beautiful tune, even if for just half a minute. And now every time I’m getting ready for lunch, I look forward to this moment. It’s small things like these that shape our happiness and our outlook on the day and life, itself.


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