The Beauty Within


Source: Waqas Aftab Photography 

Hello my lovely readers!

Welcome back to my blog. I had a chance to interview a brilliant photographer, Waqas Aftab. He shares his passion for photography.

I really enjoy his work, and I thought I should take a small break (from blogging about India) and write about his passion for photography.

This is a great take away lesson on how trying out something new can develop into a passion!

After all, we all  know people who inspire us.

Waqas Aftab shares his passion for photography and the essence of continuously working hard to take the best pictures in his surroundings. “There is nothing better than capturing the beauty around us,” he wrote.

By Zeba Khan

Waqas Aftab, a photographer by hobbyist, captures some of the most breathtaking and surreal moments.

When asked to give a small description of the above picture, photographer Aftab responded with such an emotion and passion.

“As the fog spread right before my eyes, right at the brink of dawn, I had to capture what nature had to offer only to those who were lucky enough to experience this moment”, he wrote.

Aftab shares one of his favorite pictures he captured of a mountain in Tennessee.

“Take in the fresh morning glow of the mountains of Tennessee. I present to you a sight which no eye could believe and which no soul could leave,”Aftab wrote.

Raised in London, United Kingdom after emigrating from Pakistan at the age of five, Aftab saw something unique and capturing in every moment, which no normal eye could envision.

When asked what motivated and encouraged Aftab to continue this journey of photography

“my father was the first person who gave me a camera at the mere age of six. Living in the 90s, both my mother and father struggled but they never failed to fulfill my needs,” he wrote.

He remembers the first picture he took with his father’s camera; a picture of laughter and happiness of children playing in the park with their parents.

As Aftab grew older, he started to watch tutorials and videos on YouTube. Eventually, he bought himself a four thousand dollar camera and equipment.

“People sometimes think I am fool and a maniac for buying $4000 camera just because I have a passion for photography,” wrote Aftab.

Fascinated by photography, Aftab enjoys how amazed his audience is when he takes wonderful inspiring pictures.

Aftab graduated from the University of Westminister in London, United Kingdom.

As a graphic designer and an enthusiastic artist, Aftab hopes to start his own photography business for weddings and parties. He continues to take pictures of others and the beautiful surroundings.

After all, we all need to walk down memory lane once in a while; photographers such as Aftab give us just the laughter and smile we desperately seek.

Aftab is currently  working on developing a page for his photography. However,  until then I hope you enjoyed reading his interview.


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