An Unbreakable Bond


Type of bracelets that sisters would tie on a brother’s wrist.

Source for picture: S kaushik (Click here)

All festivals and holidays hold some significance or token of faith in our lives. These celebrations bring us closer to our loved ones, may it be friends or family members. Such is the celebration of Raksha Bandhan.

Literally broken down in Hindi, the name of this celebration means “a bond of protection.” During this auspicious festival, a sister ties a thread of string to her brother’s wrist and the brother says a few words of love and promise. This joyous occasion serves as a day for the brothers to show that they will always protect the sisters from every evil.

In the old, traditional days, many Hindus believed that this bond should be between a brother and sister only. However, in modern times, many Hindus go out of the way and tie the thread to neighbors and friends, attempting to create oneness and unity.

My fondest memories of Raksha Bandhan when I was in India was the variety of mithai (sweets) offered at shops in every corner of the city. During Raksha Bandhan, my friends would share those sweets and delicious homemade food with me, and show me the gifts their brothers gave!

I remember I longed for a day like this!

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