Bangles, anyone?


Bangles anyone?
Bangles (Churiyaan) are special ornaments that are worn in many wonderful occasions. Bangles are used to bring shine to the dress of the occasion. Churiyaans are usually worn with Indian clothes, also known as salwaar kameez. Now as you know, salwaar kameez isn’t just any dress. It is a well embroidered piece of clothing worn in lavish weddings, parties, and family gatherings.

Bangles are not only worn in India, but also in countries like Pakistan and Nepal. In Indian culture, many believe that churiyaans symbolically represent good fortune and marriage in Indian weddings. Often times, especially during the old and traditional days, churiyaans represent that a women is married, however the culture has evolved so much, this belief is extinct.

In this modern day, you can find just about anyone wearing bangles; they are seen as an extravagant accessory to match with Indian traditional clothes. Bangles can be made out of glass or plastic which makes it a very delicate ornament that women are very careful with while wearing.

Who is fond of collecting artifacts? I sure am! I may not be a “fashionista,” but at such a young age I was amazed by the different colors and designs on the bangles. I would tell my aunt and grandmother to send me different colors from India.

I remember when I was younger, I would match the glittery and fancy bangles with my whole outfit and show it off at parties, amazed by all the colors and patterns. Going to the Bazaar (market) with my mom was another great memory in India. I used to see and try on all kinds of bangles and traditional clothing; sometimes I would help my mom pick out the best outfits!

last updated December 1, 2013


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