A New Face: Miss America 2013


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On Sept., 15, 2013 , Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American, had the honor of winning the title of “Miss America 2013.” This isn’t just any news! This, indeed, is grand news for Davuluri is the first Indian woman to win this prestige title.

Props to the Miss America Organization for recognizing beauty in all cultures, races and skin colors. In 1984, Vanessa Williams was the first African American woman to be crowned Miss America and now Nina Davuluri has made history as well!

Of course, many racist bigots took to Twitter to vent their anger toward this decision made by the Miss America Organization. The updates on Twitter were pretty much similar, all expressed anger and hatred toward the selection. Not only did Miss Davuluri receive criticism from Americans, but she also received insults from many Indians for winning such an honorable title despite her skin color.

Often times, Indians spend hundreds of dollars on skin  products that lighten the skin. Of course, this is foolish and very insulting for there is beauty in every human; after all, beauty is in the beholder’s eyes.

Upon receiving such criticism from many users, Davuluri took this as a chance to “rise above” it all. She claims she will use the money to continue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Great job, Nina Davuluri and congratulations on behalf of your victory!

Last updated December 1, 2013


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