The Essence of Oil

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The usage of oil is important in Indian culture. I know what you are thinking. Oil is obviously used daily when we cook, and of course it is essential. However, I am not referring to cooking oil; I’m talking about oil for one’s hair.

From childhood, we are taught that if you put oil on your hair and leave it on your scalp for a day or even a few hours, you will never go bald and you will have the most gorgeous, thick hair with a lot of natural volume. Like most mothers, my mother told me the importance of putting on oil daily.Just as a mother would remind a child to drink milk before bedtime for stronger bones, my mother would constantly remind me to apply oil to my long hair so that I won’t go bald at the age of twenty.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, how she would take coconut oil and rub it on my scalp to make sure that each and every hair strand was covered with oil. She would then tie my hair in a tight braid to make sure that the nutrients from the oil stayed inside, until I washed my hair a few hours later.

As stereotypical as it may sound, Indians are known to have gorgeous thick hair; in fact hair from India is preferred to make weaves and can be costly. Although, this may not have much to do with applying oil on ones’ hair, I did notice that applying oil sure made my hair healthier and thicker.

I was always thankful that my mother took out the time to massage my scalp with oil.

Did you know that there are advertisements that are broadcasted in India to show people what kind of oil is best for long luscious hair? Check out this YouTube video by Reechers , which shows Indian women using an almond enriched oil for their hair.

Some of the oils that are common in India for hair usage are:

  • Olive Oil Coconut

  • Oil Almond Oil

  • Herbal Oil

  • Almond Oil

So, try it out today and see if it works for you!

Last Updated December 1, 2013


One thought on “The Essence of Oil

  1. Thank you for sharing this post with us!

    When I was younger my mom also used to put oils (as well as other products–including avocado and mayonnaise) on my hair. Unfortunately now that I’m always on the run, I do not take care of my hair as I should.

    I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind when I’m done with school!

    -Uneasy Commuter Student

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