Come Celebrate Holi

Come Celebrate Holi

Colorful Hands with a Colorful Imagination

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Holi is a beautiful Hindu festival celebrated in India. The colors are more than just a playful act, Holi is day where individuals can celebrate the wonderful time of spring! Holi signifies nature and liveliness of spring, thus the colorful powdered colors represent agriculture.

Holi is also a great way for people to meet their neighbors and rejoice around the early time of March

On a rainy day in India at the age of 6, I was celebrating Holi.

I was running around, laughing and enjoying my day. My family members, the neighborhood kids, and I took full advantage of this celebration. The day was spectacular.

We took all the colors and buckets of water and threw it at each other. We ran around trying to escape from the people who were chasing us.

In the end, we were all drenched in bright colors.  The celebration was one of my fondest memories of being in India.


5 thoughts on “Come Celebrate Holi

    • Hello Leanna, I just read your blog post titled “K-Hindi 101: ‘Pyaar’ and other words for love” You have a picture posted of Shahrukh Khan. He is my favorite Indian actor, and mostly all his movies are about “pyar”(love). You have some very interesting things to say!

    • Hello. Thank you! I will soon be posting many new interesting information about India, as I update my information.
      -Please leave feedback as I update my blog. Thank you.

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